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Making Your Idea a Reality

Turning an idea into a reality isn't always easy. Saskia is constantly writing down and sketching out ideas for new handmade jewelry designs.
Great ideas often arrive unbidden, springing like Athena fully formed from your head. Unlike the mythical Goddess, those ideas do not take material form all by themselves. Bringing them to reality takes energy, focus and hard work. 

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Uncovering Hidden Beauty

Each year our search for beauty leads us to Tucson AZ where we visit the gem show to find new beads for our handmade beaded jewelry
Walking through life, it’s too easy to forget your “why” and just keep plodding ahead on the same set path. From time to time you need to stop, look around and ask, “Where am I going?”

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Perfect Pairing

Our handmade jewelry is meant to be layered and worn in your own creative unique way.
There are at least 10,000 ways to add a little something -from belts to lipstick - but jewelry is by far our prefered medium. We recently teamed up with the very cool clothing brand Anjé - who along with ethical manufacturing...

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Celebrating Color

Color is a constant inspiration for us in our colorful funky jewelry

Walking home on Friday, I saw the first glimmer of Spring: a single bud on a barren brown tree branch unfurled into a tiny green leaf. Over the weekend we rode our bikes…

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Found Objects and Storytelling

During our recent trip to Austin, we spent time in a series of small shops focused on unique objects found through travel.
As travelers ourselves, we gravitated to these establishments and spent hours walking through, touching this and opening that. We felt a kinship with the owners and saw represented in the collections, cultures we have ourselves experienced over the years.

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Austin Style

Saskia's recent trip to Texas left her pleasantly surprised, they have a style in the south all their own that she fell in love with.
A flair of old Mexico, a touch of cowboy and a splash of hipster combine in a distinct ancho-roasted, Mezcal-infused, sun drenched palate that impressed even us jaded Park Slopers. 

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