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Travel Jewelry

Our best tips to traveling with jewelry. As a handmade jewelry designer who loves to travel, Saskia has built up many tips for taking your jewelry with you on your travels.
As you may know, Saskia and I love to travel and Saskia LOVES jewelry. We sat down last week and came up with some helpful tips and a very special collection designed with the traveller in mind.

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Matching Your Style

People often ask us which pieces would suit them best, and we're more than happy to help our customers be styled in our handmade jewelry
We all have features that define us. From skin tone to hair color to height, these differences range from obvious to subtle and can greatly impact what we wear and how we wear it.

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Perfect Pairing

Our handmade jewelry is meant to be layered and worn in your own creative unique way.
There are at least 10,000 ways to add a little something -from belts to lipstick - but jewelry is by far our prefered medium. We recently teamed up with the very cool clothing brand Anjé - who along with ethical manufacturing...

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Celebrating Color

Color is a constant inspiration for us in our colorful funky jewelry

Walking home on Friday, I saw the first glimmer of Spring: a single bud on a barren brown tree branch unfurled into a tiny green leaf. Over the weekend we rode our bikes…

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Adding Color to Your Wardrobe

Adding color through your accessories is a great way to break up a black and white monochrome outfit.

It seems inescapable this time of year; everyone forgets how to add color into their wardrobe. The plague of dark clothing is everywhere, especially here in New York. How many times have you…

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