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    Blog — Traveling the World

    Rocks in my backpack

    Rocks in my backpack
    If you know our company, you’ve probably heard Saskia’s origin story: a year spent traveling around the world, making new connections and beginning a bead collection. What we don’t talk about as much is exactly how that collecting began and who was the lucky one with 20lbs of rocks in his backpack.

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    Car Camping

    Saskia & Scott have been going camping with their kids for years in the summer time to escape the NYC heat. Check out their best tips for a family trip, from their years of experience camping near NYC.
    It’s HOT! Days like this make the city feel like a pizza oven. Whether huddled by the window A/C or splashing water from the kiddie pool on our overheated bodies, our thoughts are focused on one idea: getting out of town!

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    Travel Jewelry

    Our best tips to traveling with jewelry. As a handmade jewelry designer who loves to travel, Saskia has built up many tips for taking your jewelry with you on your travels.
    As you may know, Saskia and I love to travel and Saskia LOVES jewelry. We sat down last week and came up with some helpful tips and a very special collection designed with the traveller in mind.

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    Uncovering Hidden Beauty

    Each year our search for beauty leads us to Tucson AZ where we visit the gem show to find new beads for our handmade beaded jewelry
    Walking through life, it’s too easy to forget your “why” and just keep plodding ahead on the same set path. From time to time you need to stop, look around and ask, “Where am I going?”

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    Found Objects and Storytelling

    During our recent trip to Austin, we spent time in a series of small shops focused on unique objects found through travel.
    As travelers ourselves, we gravitated to these establishments and spent hours walking through, touching this and opening that. We felt a kinship with the owners and saw represented in the collections, cultures we have ourselves experienced over the years.

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    Austin Style

    Saskia's recent trip to Texas left her pleasantly surprised, they have a style in the south all their own that she fell in love with.
    A flair of old Mexico, a touch of cowboy and a splash of hipster combine in a distinct ancho-roasted, Mezcal-infused, sun drenched palate that impressed even us jaded Park Slopers. 

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