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Customer Reviews

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I purchased this as a gift but when I received it, I gifted myself!
The stones are beautifully matched with nice soft shading. Plan to wear it with black!

Biker Babe
Simply beautiful!

Love the simple elegance and versatility of this necklace.

Elegant and Lovely!

These are the perfect earrings to wear with all my Saskia necklaces with brass beads. They're the perfect size and have a nice weight without being too heavy. Simple and understated with just the right amount of ethnic flair.

Just perfect for me!

I love everything about these earrings. They are the perfect size and shape for my face and hair and the colors go with SO many things I own. What’s not to love? I look forward to wearing them often

Makes me happy to look at.

Even Saskia’s smaller and more delicate pieces make a statement. This necklace seems to radiate a sunny, happy spirit...and I just love both turquoise and elephants! This is a lovely addition to my ever growing collection of Saskia pieces!

Alexandria Bracelet
Jane Preston

Beautiful bracelet - can be worn casual or looks very elegant when you are dressed up.

These are fun!

Love the dangle and the spiral lost wax design. They're a good length and go wonderfully with anything but look really good with the Sundar necklace I purchased in the past. (which also looks great both alone and with the Petite Kirsten I also have) I love her unique designs. You'll always get compliments when you wear them.

Tina P
Lovely stones

I love everything about Saskia jewelry and have collected MANY of her pieces over the years. I love that she often purchases from women all over the world, I love the way they're packed with care and come with jewelry bags to protect them and I love her unique designs. I've always been drawn to stones of all kinds so this piece has been calling to me. The stones are beautiful and her design makes them stand out to show off the natural beauty. When I first started purchasing from her I bought a lot of pieces at Christmas fairs where I could see them for myself. Now I do not hesitate to order online because I know I can count on the quality of her pieces and I can trust that her work will look even better in person.

Tina P
Even nicer than the photo

I bought this piece because it goes well with other pieces as is true of so many Saskia designs. I love that I can change the look of my jewelry to go with whatever I'm wearing because her designs often complement each other. Honestly, the picture doesn't do this piece justice. You can see the pretty design of brass and crystals that show the care she puts into designing her pieces. But what you don't see online is that it sparkles so beautifully when worn! The crystals really pick up the light and it's gorgeous. I think her name choice was perfect for it!

Sun Pendulum Earrings
Meredith Tully
Wow. Fine quality.

Now that I'm home and the thrill is worn off from Union Square market, I am so happy I snagged these earrings. They are not an impulse buy. I'm ecstatic I had the good sense to buy these.

Perfect balance of muted in color and bold in shape and bead size.

Elegant and Sophisticated

This necklace has an understated, sophisticated beauty that adds just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit. I purchased it (along with the Rosetta earrings) at the Union Square Holiday Market almost a week ago, and have only taken it off to sleep. A lovely addition to my growing Saskia jewelry collection!

POINT OF SALE Kenyan Coin Purse
Elizabeth G.
How pretty they are with beautiful colors and patterns

Very creative in design. They are great for gifts including a gift for yourself!!!

I may have to get these in other colors

I bought these in onyx because they go so well with several Saskia necklaces I own but I may have to get them in other colors because the style is simple but "smart" and they'll go with anything. I love it when Saskia offers so many choices because you can match all your other pieces and they look even better when they enhance each other.

Mary Malin
Gorgeous and unique

You know i am a big fan of Saskia and her wonderful creations, always something new and special !highest possible recommendation !

The chrysocolla was a beautiful and rich color

The necklace, as designed, goes perfectly with the unique pendant. I really enjoy wearing it.

I have 2 necklaces 2 layer with this beauty

I immediately went to my necklaces and found 2 more Saskia necklaces to pair with this awesome necklace. I can’t wait to wear all 3 together and it matches with just about everything. Once again great choice

Great coral necklace

I have other red beaded necklaces but somehow they didn’t match the red I had. This necklace is the perfect red/ not red necklace with a beautiful silver plate that sits perfectly at the neck. And the length is perfect as well. Of course I’ve already warn it. Love it


I attended Saskia’s recent Zoom party. She had so many beautiful new pieces. The standout for me was the London Blue Topaz. It’s gorgeous and perfect. Thank you so much!

Luis D Prado
Very colorful necklace

The red color makes this necklace look nice!

Saskia's succes!!!

I will tell my daughter myself!!

I love this!

This sweet necklace is so pretty and can be worn with anything. It’s also a great layering piece. Another winner!

Funky Hoop Earrings
Judith White
Delicate, light, and beautiful!

I immediately wore these lovely, easy-to-wear earrings! Still wearing them! They go with jeans, skirts-- everything! Thank you, Saskia!

Stand out from the crowd

I wore these to a wedding and they added a beautiful pop of color!

They were just as they appeared on line. Love them.

Would recommend purchasing.