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My daughter has hours of fun designing and beading.

This necklace is a beauty!

The shine on the stones is amazing!
Thank you for creating such a lovely piece!

Will match with everything

I love the necklace especially since I already have one that goes so well together

One of my favorite pairs of earrings!

A gorgeous pair of earrings that is super versatile and chic.

Karen B
Pretty stone beads

I love necklaces of beautiful small beads and stones - my version of wearing pearls. This necklace has that quality with beautifully colored stones and an ivory colored Buddha pendant that can be removed. I had mixed feelings about wearing a Buddha since I’m not of that faith but honestly, it is such a tiny carving I don’t mind. And the setting for it is delicate and charming. The necklace pieces seem a bit tinier than they did online though which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5. If you like really delicate jewelry though, this would be a great choice.

Jasper Earrings
Karen Brodsky
Not as shown

I chose the Jasper earrings because of their natural materials, they’re light weight and just the right length for me. I also asked for the lightest color stone so they wouldn’t disappear in my thick, chin length brown hair. But the earrings I received are a dull green and nothing like the choices I saw online. I’ll return these and hope I can exchange for a light colored stone.

Fire and Ice
Luis D Prado
ICE necklace by Saskia

I adore every single piece of this necklace. It’s so elegant as it was mentioned by Saskia 😍

Fire and Ice
Luis D Prado
Fire Necklace by Saskia

I’m in love this vibrant and awesome red necklace!!

I am so happy I bought a second one!!!!

I bought a silver 88 during the 2021 Christmas Market at Union Square. I have not taken it off my neck since. It is simply Beautiful!!! After Saskia told me she paired hers off with another silver 88 I fell in love with the idea. I have no regrets of having bought another one! In all honesty I have loved and treasured every piece of jewelry I have bought from Saskia!
Customer for Life!!!

Love this bracelet

This caught my eye at a Christmas fair one year because it's different than your average turquoise bracelets since the turquoise is accented with gold which really makes the stones stand out. The brass beads in between the stones also make it complement several of my other Saskia pieces that use the Indian brass. It's another winner.



Exquisite piece.

Goes beautifully with the matching necklace.

Paperclip Earrings
Malik Payne


They go with everything

Light and fun, you can wear them if you're wearing jeans or pair them with a dressier piece. I bought the dark blue chalcedony to wear with the Masque necklace and they look like they were made for each other even though the stones are different. They come in so many different stones you can pick your favorite to complement your outfit.

I knew it was special the moment I laid my eyes on it!

It’s a very special piece. I already wore it once (I just bought it) & got so many compliments. I love it!
Thank you!!

Black Nile
Susan Rubin
the contrast in black and gold

good length and versatile.

Rose Steller Burke

Is it green with blue in it or blue with green? The Bamboo is a great statement piece to bring some color into your wardrobe. Just lovely!

Afghan Earrings
Pam Rasulo

Love them!

Jeanie Flewell
The color of the beads caught my eye!

Very lovely and knowledgeable sales person. The necklace is very well made and I know it will be one of my favorites in my jewelry box.

I love them! Very attractive and well done, can be worn to work or to go out. Beautiful!

Color and silver

I only wear silver, so was delighted to see Cobalt…..and blue is my most frequently worn color, so this is a perfect necklace for me. The silver pendant adds interest but isn’t an overwhelming statement piece.

Interesting color

These beads are kind of matte-looking which creates a whole different feel than more flashy stones. It’s a sweet, quiet color that can provide the foundation for layering or be an interesting standalone piece

Great colors

I like the deep greens in this necklace. And the unique stones aren’t too flashy to take anything away from another necklace if layering, but stand alone nicely.

Marino Provasi
The color and the beauty of the stones

I got so many compliment: I wear it as a chocker or as a bracelet.

Tina P
So glad I gave myself a present with this piece

I had just finished wrapping Christmas presents when my husband said "Why don't you get yourself that necklace you were looking at from that local designer that you like so much." I didn't hesitate and I have to agree with another reviewer here on a couple of things. First, the picture did not do this necklace justice. Second, I also love labradorite and this necklace had some lovely pieces of labradorite that caught the light beautifully with their iridescence. The fishnet beads were also gorgeous and really make this piece stand out. It's an elegant piece. I have so many wonderful Saskia designs that I've been purchasing since I first saw her designs at the Grand Central Christmas fair years ago. So many of her designs remind me of museum pieces. This is one of my favorites already. Though it's easily worn with gold earrings I wanted to see if I couldn't find something that really enhanced this so I settled on the long Mumbai earrings in dark blue chalcedony and I'm so glad I did because it's a great match even if they are different stones. That is one of the best things about her jewelry....so many pieces can be worn with other pieces and they really compliment each other.