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So pretty

Absolutely gorgeous. Will definitely come back

Tina P
I'd been eyeing this for awhile

I am strongly drawn to Labradorite. I own a lot of it. The only problem with ordering it online is that it can vary in color from grayish to more striking blue and green iridescence and you can never be sure what you might get and how much light might dance in the stones. I've been eyeing this piece for a long time. Because I really do like her designs, and I now own enough of Saskia's designs to trust that her stones are always nice, I decided to go ahead and treat myself to this piece for my birthday. I'm thrilled to say the rough cut Labradorite stones are GORGEOUS, beautifully iridescent with blue and green and gold, and the pyrite beads add a sparkle that really make them stand out. And, of course, you can choose to wear it different ways which is always a plus.

Great alone or together

I saw how wonderful this looked with Saskia's Egyptian Spring bracelet, which I already owned, in the photo online and had to have it to add to my rather extensive collection of her pieces. One of the nicest things about Saskia pieces is that they look good alone but they also look great when worn together. You can create different looks with the pieces you own to match your outfits or your mood. The stones are always beautiful and you'll get lots of compliments from people because her pieces are unique and not the usual cookie cutter variety of jewelry. You can see the artist in her in all her pieces.

Lovey as Always!

These earrings are simple and lovely, and will go with many outfits. They can be easily dressed up or down. Also, they're super lightweight and easy to wear. Love them, just like the rest of my Saskia jewelry!

Love it- so dainty, light and pretty!

Shiny, yet understated

I love it! Such perfection - it can be worn alone or as a wonderful layering piece. And it goes so well with both silver and gold. I first eyed it at the Union Square holiday market and it’s been on my mind ever since. When that happens, I know I’ve gotta have it.

Love the Buddha footprint! As is, it’s a nice long medallion-style piece to wear with everything. With the extender I purchased, it can be worn long or double the chain. I loved the price, too. It’s whimsical, spiritual and sophisticated all in one.


It’s even prettier in person.

Nepal Earrings
Jane Rosen
Ah yes, now in lapis!

I have other of these Nepal earrings and was delighted to spit them in lapis. Just had to have them!

I simply love it !!!

This bracelet was beautifully done with the stone and beads

Wow your pretty!

I love the and style

Single Ladies
Donna S

I love this necklace. I own one and just bought for a friend. It’s my go to! Love it! Highly recommend

Perfect colors

A wonderful gift, good for day to day- pretty w/ good vibes

Elegant and festive

I wear them at work or for an evening out. Simple elegance.

Special for a moon liver

I bought this as a gift for an teacher/friend last year and just had to have one for myself. It is now home to a very precious heirloom I have recently received❤️

Picasso Squared
Mark Adams
Vibrant color and size of beads.

Beautiful piece. My wife loves it.

Eye catching

As with everything from SASKIA, I love this bracelet. It plays well with others or on its own. The stones make it unique.

Limited Edition: Special Mali Weds

Customer Repair
Elise Blair

My neckless was very well repaired?
I do not see where it was broken.
Thank you

Belle of India
Jane Rosen

Though I love all my Saskia pieces this one will likely be one of my most special favorites. Though I know it isn’t a “one of a kind” it feels as if it were made just for me. Though I was originally attracted to the aqua greens and rich reds, my colors, I believe It is really far more neutral than I first imagined. I expect I will be wearing it so very much of the time now (like almost always, LOL). Thank you once again Saskia!

Classic and elegant

These earrings are great! They are light, the stones are eye catching, and you can wear them for a night out or just a casual day!


I love this piece! I love that I can wear it with a dressy outfit or a t shirt and jeans! The stones are beautiful!


Another magical piece to add to my Saskia collection. I already had the earrings snd had to finish off my look. This is more neutral than you might expect, looking great on gray or white as well as my usual greens. It is both delicate but makes a statement for sure . Just love this one ( but I do say that about all my Saskia pieces, LOL.). This makes.a beautiful addition to my growing Saskia collection.

Luis D Prado
Heavy and real jades

It’s just the best. Im fascinated with the color, the rustic look and quality.