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Car Camping

Saskia & Scott have been going camping with their kids for years in the summer time to escape the NYC heat. Check out their best tips for a family trip, from their years of experience camping near NYC.
It’s HOT! Days like this make the city feel like a pizza oven. Whether huddled by the window A/C or splashing water from the kiddie pool on our overheated bodies, our thoughts are focused on one idea: getting out of town!

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Travel Jewelry

Our best tips to traveling with jewelry. As a handmade jewelry designer who loves to travel, Saskia has built up many tips for taking your jewelry with you on your travels.
As you may know, Saskia and I love to travel and Saskia LOVES jewelry. We sat down last week and came up with some helpful tips and a very special collection designed with the traveller in mind.

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Organizing Your Jewelry

As a jewelry designer, Saskia has collected many necklaces bracelets and pairs of earrings. This weekend she reorganized her entire jewelry collection, and compiled her best tips for organizing your jewelry.
As a jewelry designer, Saskia owns her fair share of pieces, ranging in size from super delicate to big and bold. Over time her dresser top grew a mound of necklaces that became unsortable and hugely aggravating. Last weekend, we decided to take action and thought our process would help all of you.

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It's Not Just For Women

SASKIA jewelry, like most jewelry designers, see nearly all women as our customers. However, our boho beaded jewelry can be enjoyed by men as well. Plenty of men also love our unique bold jewelry and wear our styles, and they wear them well!
Common wisdom says women get to have all the fun with accessories. By and large men's fashion includes a nice watch and maybe a hat. I suppose you might count ties as accessories, but honestly how much fun is a tie? 

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Lessons From a Market Maven

SASKIA jewelry is featured in multiple markets, NYC and beyond, every year. By now we've become market pros and we wanted to share our advice with you.
This spring marks ten years of setting up tents and folding tables all over the city. Over the past decade, we have learned a few things about street fairs that we thought we'd share.

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Maker Mom

Maker Mom
We celebrate moms in all walks of life, whether running a business, running a home or anywhere in between. They are the glue that keeps everything together and the ones we quite literally couldn’t live without. 

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