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    Blog — Combining Cultures

    Rocks in my backpack

    Rocks in my backpack
    If you know our company, you’ve probably heard Saskia’s origin story: a year spent traveling around the world, making new connections and beginning a bead collection. What we don’t talk about as much is exactly how that collecting began and who was the lucky one with 20lbs of rocks in his backpack.

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    American Tapestry

    SASKIA jewelry uses materials from around the world. In the same way that our country brings together different cultures, so do our necklaces. The beads and materials we use have passed through so many hands, been part of many historical traditions, and c
    We all know that America threads different strands together: cultures and classes, colors and creeds mix in beautiful and unexpected ways. As I write these words, I think of the jewelry we make - beads from everywhere, brought together in a new pattern here in Brooklyn.

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    Birthday Traditions

    Along with looking at craftsmanship from countries around the world and how people in other countries handmade beautiful items, at SASKIA we also love to learn about culture and traditions and how they vary around the world.
    Our birthday routines encompass an eclectic mix of Dutch and American traditions that have meshed in a perfect way for our family and our life. We often think about this blend in the greater context of our lives.

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