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    Blog — Digging Deeper

    Embracing Change

    Embracing Change
    Embracing change and allowing transformation. It sounds so easy - like becoming a butterfly. Well have you ever opened a chrysalis? 

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    Leading With Values

    When your branding or rebranding a small or large business, one of the most important things to think about is the values your company holds. How can you reflect these values in your business? Including charity in your business, kindness in your company,
    We began this company with no mission in mind. Saskia loved making jewelry, people loved buying it and that was enough. Years in, that basic dynamic no longer served. We wanted more meaning to our work - a central Why that we could build off of. 

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    Car Camping

    Saskia & Scott have been going camping with their kids for years in the summer time to escape the NYC heat. Check out their best tips for a family trip, from their years of experience camping near NYC.
    It’s HOT! Days like this make the city feel like a pizza oven. Whether huddled by the window A/C or splashing water from the kiddie pool on our overheated bodies, our thoughts are focused on one idea: getting out of town!

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    American Tapestry

    SASKIA jewelry uses materials from around the world. In the same way that our country brings together different cultures, so do our necklaces. The beads and materials we use have passed through so many hands, been part of many historical traditions, and c
    We all know that America threads different strands together: cultures and classes, colors and creeds mix in beautiful and unexpected ways. As I write these words, I think of the jewelry we make - beads from everywhere, brought together in a new pattern here in Brooklyn.

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    Organizing Your Jewelry

    As a jewelry designer, Saskia has collected many necklaces bracelets and pairs of earrings. This weekend she reorganized her entire jewelry collection, and compiled her best tips for organizing your jewelry.
    As a jewelry designer, Saskia owns her fair share of pieces, ranging in size from super delicate to big and bold. Over time her dresser top grew a mound of necklaces that became unsortable and hugely aggravating. Last weekend, we decided to take action and thought our process would help all of you.

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    Penny's Pearls

    Saskia sat down this week with her friend and mentor Penny Diamanti to discuss her business tips, wholesaling advice, and overall strategy for running her own company.
    Penny had begun her career as a journalist with a wanderlust to see the world and interact with everyone she met (sound familiar?). Saskia regards Penny as a mentor, and recently sat down for a conversation, which yielded some very helpful tips that any small business owner should consider.

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