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    Blog — Digging Deeper

    Lessons From a Market Maven

    SASKIA jewelry is featured in multiple markets, NYC and beyond, every year. By now we've become market pros and we wanted to share our advice with you.
    This spring marks ten years of setting up tents and folding tables all over the city. Over the past decade, we have learned a few things about street fairs that we thought we'd share.

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    What is Bohemian?

    What is Bohemian?
    We use the word bohemian to describe a style that stands apart: a person who lives life by their own rules, pushes the boundaries of convention and remains open to new experiences. 

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    What's in a Stone?

    Our handmade gemstone earrings each have different stones unique in size shape and color.
    From iridescent moonstone to shimmering pyrite each stone has its unique qualities, but just how they got those qualities is often more amazing than the stones themselves.

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    Uncovering Hidden Beauty

    Each year our search for beauty leads us to Tucson AZ where we visit the gem show to find new beads for our handmade beaded jewelry
    Walking through life, it’s too easy to forget your “why” and just keep plodding ahead on the same set path. From time to time you need to stop, look around and ask, “Where am I going?”

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    A History of Pearl

    We don't often use pearls in our handmade jewelry, but it doesn't mean we don't love this breathtaking stone.
    Recently we started to think a bit more about the only birthstone that really isn't a stone at all. Why do we walk through the "Pearly Gates"? Is pearl really the "queen of gems and the gem of queens"? 

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