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    Blog — Worldly Materials

    Rocks in my backpack

    Rocks in my backpack
    If you know our company, you’ve probably heard Saskia’s origin story: a year spent traveling around the world, making new connections and beginning a bead collection. What we don’t talk about as much is exactly how that collecting began and who was the lucky one with 20lbs of rocks in his backpack.

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    American Tapestry

    SASKIA jewelry uses materials from around the world. In the same way that our country brings together different cultures, so do our necklaces. The beads and materials we use have passed through so many hands, been part of many historical traditions, and c
    We all know that America threads different strands together: cultures and classes, colors and creeds mix in beautiful and unexpected ways. As I write these words, I think of the jewelry we make - beads from everywhere, brought together in a new pattern here in Brooklyn.

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    What's in a Stone?

    Our handmade gemstone earrings each have different stones unique in size shape and color.
    From iridescent moonstone to shimmering pyrite each stone has its unique qualities, but just how they got those qualities is often more amazing than the stones themselves.

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    Treasure Hunting in Tucson

    Saskia , our designer, with one of our bead vendors in Tucson Arizona.
    Once a year, thousands of vendors from around the world descend on Tucson, Arizona for the largest Gem and Mineral Show on the planet. It's one of Saskia's favorite places to discover and connect. 

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    The World of Turquoise

    A selection of turquoise beads from the SASKIA studio
    One of our favorite materials here at SASKIA is Turquoise, and we see how much our customers love it too. This week we wanted to delve a bit deeper into this coveted mineral. 

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    A History of Pearl

    We don't often use pearls in our handmade jewelry, but it doesn't mean we don't love this breathtaking stone.
    Recently we started to think a bit more about the only birthstone that really isn't a stone at all. Why do we walk through the "Pearly Gates"? Is pearl really the "queen of gems and the gem of queens"? 

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