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    What is Bohemian?

    What is Bohemian?
    We use the word bohemian to describe a style that stands apart: a person who lives life by their own rules, pushes the boundaries of convention and remains open to new experiences. 

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    Creating a Retail Experience

    Our jewelry retail display at Grand Central in NYC
    As former actors, Saskia and I think in theatrical terms. Our business was built on our retail experience, which for us is all about interaction and storytelling. 

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    Greta's Call to Action

    Greta is such an inspiring young women who we all look up to in our small company.

    In our small company, we like to think about individuals. We often see a customer combine their jewelry in a way we had never imagined, or we hear an adventure they went on that makes us want to follow in their footsteps.

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    What's in a Stone?

    Our handmade gemstone earrings each have different stones unique in size shape and color.
    From iridescent moonstone to shimmering pyrite each stone has its unique qualities, but just how they got those qualities is often more amazing than the stones themselves.

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    Matching Your Style

    People often ask us which pieces would suit them best, and we're more than happy to help our customers be styled in our handmade jewelry
    We all have features that define us. From skin tone to hair color to height, these differences range from obvious to subtle and can greatly impact what we wear and how we wear it.

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    Making Your Idea a Reality

    Turning an idea into a reality isn't always easy. Saskia is constantly writing down and sketching out ideas for new handmade jewelry designs.
    Great ideas often arrive unbidden, springing like Athena fully formed from your head. Unlike the mythical Goddess, those ideas do not take material form all by themselves. Bringing them to reality takes energy, focus and hard work. 

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