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    Austin Style

    Saskia's recent trip to Texas left her pleasantly surprised, they have a style in the south all their own that she fell in love with.
    A flair of old Mexico, a touch of cowboy and a splash of hipster combine in a distinct ancho-roasted, Mezcal-infused, sun drenched palate that impressed even us jaded Park Slopers. 

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    The Joys and Challenges of Unique Designs

    Saskia hand makes all of our beaded, unique, bohemian jewelry in our studio in Brooklyn.

    Creation requires focus and inspiration. More than just finding something already there, making something new takes a process and an eye for detail. For Saskia, the creative process begins visually. 


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    Treasure Hunting in Tucson

    Saskia , our designer, with one of our bead vendors in Tucson Arizona.
    Once a year, thousands of vendors from around the world descend on Tucson, Arizona for the largest Gem and Mineral Show on the planet. It's one of Saskia's favorite places to discover and connect. 

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    Finding Inspiration from Afar

    We find inspiration everywhere, even in the octopus salad we ate at the delicious restaurant Abbocato outside Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica on our recent January trip.
    For years, Saskia and I have made it a habit to find a time every winter - usually after the hustle and bustle of our crazy holiday season - to step away from the everyday and go adventure. 

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    The World of Turquoise

    A selection of turquoise beads from the SASKIA studio
    One of our favorite materials here at SASKIA is Turquoise, and we see how much our customers love it too. This week we wanted to delve a bit deeper into this coveted mineral. 

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    This Time of Year Can be Stressful

    An image from Hawaii, where Roamori hosts their trips.

    Amelia Ellenstein, an amazing woman in business, not only runs a gorgeous Instagram, she also founded Rôamori, a truly inspirational company. Rôamori creates once in a life time retreats on Maui that connect women…

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