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Traveling on a Budget

From Scott & Saskia's trip around the world before starting their handmade jewelry business.

Before we left the US - back when we first decided to travel - we made a pact: we would travel as long as our money and willpower held up. After selling whatever we could…

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Booth Building

Our Grand Central booth once we finished building it.

We pride ourselves on display. A space that invites you in and encourages you to stay and browse is an essential part of any retail experience.

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A History of Pearl

We don't often use pearls in our handmade jewelry, but it doesn't mean we don't love this breathtaking stone.
Recently we started to think a bit more about the only birthstone that really isn't a stone at all. Why do we walk through the "Pearly Gates"? Is pearl really the "queen of gems and the gem of queens"? 

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